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Mark Gilrain

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Sound Off What Are The Best Ways To Put 'Sell' In Home Seller

In a buyer's market, homeowners making successful sales put the sell in seller because whether they are selling a studio or estate, there is a lot of competition. Sellers beat that competition by adopting the mindset that professional service providers offer the best product for the best price with the best buyer experience. Here are some ideas how.

Best Product

To offer the best product, sellers assess their homes. How do the home's features stack up to those desired by buyers? Do features that have served the seller serve the buyer? Proactive sellers make adjustments. They de-clutter and perhaps rearrange furniture to demonstrate other uses for spaces. If there is a budget, they update and repair. When it is time to show, they make the property appealing - clean, lights on, fresh smells and perfect temperatures with all the home's information available.

Best Price

How homeowners set their asking price demonstrates all the difference between an asker and a seller. An asker wants a price maybe because of what they bought it for, mayeb because of the mortgage, maybe because of where they want to go. A seller looks diligently through the current inventory and sales. A seller is conservative in assessing their property's strengths and generous in crediting other properties' features. A seller arrives at an asking price to beat the competition. They want a buyer to look over available properites and decide that one is the must-have.

Best Experience

After an offer, sellers know there are more steps to go. Sellers keep the buyers in the transaction by offering a great experience - collaborating, communicating clearly, leaving emotions at the door, offering as much service as possible and delivering. Understanding the buyer's goals is way sellers determine how to exceed their buyer's expectations efficiently.

In a buyer's market, buyers can go elsewhere. Motivated sellers pull from the playbook of successful service providers. A seller drawing from these principles can walk happily away from the closing table.

Mark Gilrain,
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Friday, September 22, 2017