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Mark Gilrain

Lic. R.E. Salesperson
Office:(203) 221-0666
Mobile:(917) 287-2451

REAL ESTATE SOLUTIONS: Owning, Renting, Investing

Trading 2 Homes in NYC and Southold for One in Westport - A question and answer with recent arrivals to the area.

How long have you lived in your town or area? Where did you live before? We’ve been living in Westport, Ct for a year and a half – we moved from Manhattan and Long Island’s North Fork. What attracted you to your area? We had a two bedroom apartment and a casual house in Southold NY near the water. As our twins grew bigger, the apartment grew smaller and the house in Southold grew farther away and more work to maintain since we weren’t living there full time. Westport offered a flavor of the culture and interests of NYC with the casual summer feeling of the North Fork – all close enough for a daily commute. What did you most like about where you used to live? Our building was full of great neighbors, as was the neighborhood. We loved our friends. Southold was an amazing combination of quiet open rural land, recreational waters, and small town history. What inside tip would you give someone who is new to your area on things they might do or should know? The Westport Country Playhouse has a five play season for $150. After it’s nice to grab a drink at the Dressing Room a restaurant co-founded by Paul Newman. We’d also recommend Haskins Preserve. It’s 16 acres of a former estate with pretty lawns and specimen trees where you can walk and explore. And, of course, Compo Beach and the Longshore Club are touted by all for swimming, playing, sailing, tennis, golf, ice skating and more. What recommendations would you have for someone interested in learning more about your town? Just go look. For us, we called an agent one weekend. It was a daytrip to get a change of scene. We got a great tour of the area. Every few months we’d return. Over time, we evolved into serious lookers. We realized our money could get us what we wanted in Westport – there weren’t as many tradeoffs getting a house we loved. If our budget was a little less we would have gone to a neighboring town like Norwak, Weston, Fairfield, or others – all of which we love. Of course, anyone who wants to use the the best agent in town should use Mark at -
Posted to on Friday, May 02, 2014 at 3:36:40 PM